December 19, 2014

Personal Post: Being a Fur-Parent

This post is so out of my beauty blog but I recently read an article that pets are the most gifted ones during the Holidays, and I wanted to share with you something personal to maybe help you think twice before grabbing that cute puppy or kitty to take home. Yes, this brings joy to your home or to the person you are gifting them to. And it is the greatest feeling giving the pet a home. The big problem with this though is how most do not think of this in the long run. Pets are a lifelong commitment that will change your lifestyle. There are tons of articles out there to help you to decide if you are ready for one or which dog is perfect for you so I will not be talking about that. I'm here to share with you what happens in-between those pet selfies we take as it is not always play-cuddle-be cute-eat and play again. 
This will be about my personal experience with my three fur babies. Every pet owner goes through different situations and experiences with their pets that a self-help book or an article can't help you with. I hope by sharing this with you will help you do a double take and ask yourself again if you are really ready to live with a pet, now, in a month or two or in 10 years. 

December 10, 2014

Starting Over Tag

Tagged by my beautiful blog bestie, Lily of Beauty With Lily, here I share to you my top 10 makeup products if ever I need to start over my collection.

Startin Over Must-Haves

December 8, 2014

"Everyday Daytime" $20 Makeup Look

We all have seen, and some of my beauty bloggers have done the famous "$20 Makeup Challenge" were all makeup products used for a look totals up to $20. For that challenge, there was no rule at where you can buy your products and the makeup tools used are also included in the $20 total! 
My beauty besties, Faith ( and Angela (, and I brainstormed and made this more challenging and twisted the rules a bit for our own $20 Makeup Look! We tag all the beauty lovers out there who wants a good challenge and hey, it's an excuse to buy some great drugstore makeup!

December 6, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things Gift Guide Part2

So I have a few more that I want to share with you especially if you just need some last minute ones for your Secret Santa party or to stuff that stocking with! These are more random things compared to the first Gift Guide (here) with a GIVEAWAY!